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When we launched our services back in the day, we were *the* company to go to when it came to privately owned and operated ride sourcing and ride sharing services. We offered our customers a range of options as well as very competitive pricing and it worked great for us because we hit 1million downloads in less than a week!

Sustaining that momentum and gaining trust has been difficult but we have ensured that we provide our customers with excellent service as well as a great experience. Our mission has been to turn into the most customer-friendly service there is. It’s a very easy mission statement to issue, but, there are a lot of tweaks that we have carried out in our app that reflect our mission statement.

A one-time password system - this ensures that you are billed for your trip only and not for arbitrary waiting charges that might not even apply to your situation A strict waiting time – our drivers earn based on how many people they transport. IF you keep one of our drivers waiting for half an hour, you are costing him money. So, to keep you from running late and to keep us from losing business, we ensure that all our customers are given a free waiting time of five minutes after which the ride gets cancelled.

In-car entertainment – this is still being tested on a select few cars. We have mounted a tab in one of the seats of the car that can be used to watch YouTube videos an so on – perfect for your restless toddler! Transparency in pricing – surge pricing is real and we aren’t going to deny that we don’t operate with that system, however, if you give us accurate information on where you want to go then we can tailor a fare for you that will not change

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